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Selection Services Provided by GAPF for Pilot Schools and Airlines

GAPF provides operational selection services for pilot schools and airlines.

We are experienced with
a) ab initio applicants with no prior experience
b) ready entry applicants (e.g. ATPL owners, to be selected for type rating).
c) and flight instructors (pedagogic and psychologic qualification and social competences)

GAPF also provides selection services for Air Traffic Controllers and for Dispatchers.

The selection procedure can be performed at the facilities of GAPF at Wuerzburg or at the location of the customer. The selection procedure can be performed individually or in groups.

The psychodiagnostic instruments applied by GAPF are

  • biographical questionnaires
  • half standardized interviews
  • paper pencil tests for relevant types of mental performance
  • simulation based tests for pilot specific operational competences (only at Wuerzburg)
  • group scenarios for assessing social competences (communication, team cooperation and leadership).

The instruments are based on

  • psychometric principles
  • scientific requirement analysis with regard to the working stations of pilots
  • and on flight safety studies, in cooperation with German Lufthansa.

The instruments used by GAPF assess all performance dimensions which are recommended by JAR/FCL and bejond:

Personality features, relevant for the pilots profession, like

  • motivational structure
  • learnability
  • performance related attitudes
  • self critical attitudes
  • stress resistance.

Social competences, like

  • communication
  • cooperation
  • cooperative problem solving
  • leadership.

Mental abilities, like

  • logical abilities
  • speech abilities
  • technical understanding
  • memory capacity
  • attention allocation
  • multi tasking
  • long term concentration.

Operational, profession specific competences, like

  • psychomotor abilities
  • spatial abilities
  • information processing abilities
  • strategic abilities
  • planning and management competences
  • problem solving competences.
Impressum: Prof. Dr. Peter Braun; Guttenberger Strasse 27; D-97234 Reichenberg; Tel.: +49 931 60483; e-Mail: pilot.selection@gapf.de
USt.ID: DE229450645; Sitz der GAPF: Reichenberg